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My creative process passes through a cathartic stage of memories and influences
that are around us. Researches, discussions, environments, everything inspire us
to create and challenge the garment. This way, I work on translating these
feelings in images, and after that, in clothing – always thinking about the piece as
a construction of different elements: sleeves, finishes, texture. This development
line comes from my architecture background, but finds echoes in the daily task of

Heloisa Strobel 

architect and fashion designer


Lygia Skirt in Taupe

An amazing art piece! Inspired by the brazilian visual artist Lygia Clark.


This skirt has assimetrical lenght and is made in premium cotton twirl. Bias cut starts on the hips, creating great movement. An special touch is the finishing on the hem, with a metallic ziper that gives structure to this garment.


Price _ 797 reais

Optional: under measurement tax _ 79,70 reais

International Shipping _ Curitiba-Bogotá 382 reais

Measurements - Size G/Large: 

Waist 80 centimenters - stretches to 96 centimeters

Longer Lenght (assimetrical lenght)

Fabric: Cotton Twirl

56% cotton

43% modal

1% elastane - spandex

_Weight 9 oz

_Stretch 4%

Payment info:

Credit Card - payment link by Stone Payments: 

Remessa Online / Wire Transfer:

Beneficiary Bank 

 • SWIFT Code

 • Bank and Address
   Banco Master S/A - ABC - Atlantica Business Center, Floor 9, Avenida Atlantica 1130 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22021-000

Beneficiary Customer Instruction 


 • Name and address
   Heloisa Strobel Jorge - Rua Petit Carneiro, 951 - Agua Verde - Curitiba/PR - CEP: 80240050


Intermediary Bank 

 • SWIFT Code

 • Bank and Address
   Standard Chartered Bank - New York, NY, USA

 • Bank account holder
   Banco Master S/A

 • Bank account number


Shipping Info

Thank You!

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